Friday, July 13, 2018

"This is not normal...."

John Oliver, the British/American comedian recommends that we all get lots of post-it notes and write on them "This is not normal." and put them everywhere we look each day.

The problem is that our current President is imposing what could become 'a new normal' on us with his dangerous and unpredictable behavior.

Just take the last few days.

1) He insults and berates our NATO allies, then says he didn't.

2) He said awful things about Teresa May and then says he didn't.

3) He has 10 fact-check errors in his press conference but claims they're all true (China trade deficit over 30 billion high, American contribution to NATO 90%, on and on.)

4) He's started a trade war with China (and our best friends!!!) that will hurt people in states that supported him.

5) Even though 12 more Russians were indicted by a grand jury in DC today, he's still going to meet with Putin and has said more than once, he believes Putin that Russia did not interfere in our election.


Get some post-it notes today and start writing.

We can't be lulled into Trump's 'new normal'.

It's not normal.

Not normal at all.....

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