Friday, July 6, 2018

Something to pray about

I get so caught up in what's going on here in the US that I ignore most everything else.

But not the kids in that cave in Thailand.

It seems miraculous that they lived 9 days cut off from the world by water.

And even more miraculous that they were found and given food and water and light. (Imagine 9 days in darkness--what a miracle light would be.

But now, with the oxygen level in the air they are breathing nearing a dangerous low and one diver losing his life trying to take them oxygen and no way to drill down a mile to them and a jungle hiding any back entrance to the cave and the need to be underwater for a long time to escape--now, previous miracles aside, a major miracle is needed to keep the world (and their families) from watching them die.

Something to take my mind off the lies and nonsense from our president.

Something to make me pray about.

Hold those kids and their coach in you heart and soul.

Try to imagine--no, don't!!!--how he feels about leading them there.

A life and death drama on 24/7 TV.

Pray. And ponder the fragile nature of life....

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