Monday, July 30, 2018

One thing I love

One thing I love about the New Jersey Turnpike (and there aren't many!!!) is driving past Newark Airport.

On the way south you see  planes taking off--huge things defying gravity and gaining altitude to the south. It is an incredibly busy airport and depending on the traffic you can see up to a dozen planes soaring in line, one after another, beginning to bank toward their destination.

Driving north, you see them landing, one after another, six or seven in view at once, dropping from space toward the runway. Lovely.

One thing I don't love is what waits at the northern terminus of the Turnpike--the George Washington Bridge. I hit the stop and go and decided to time how long it took, coming back from Baltimore on Sunday afternoon at 3 p.m. From the beginning of the line until I exited the bridge to go to New England was 42 minutes! Help me, Jesus!

That was comparable to the bridge at the southern end of the Turnpike--the Delaware River Bridge. Going down on Friday I sat on the bridge for 35 minutes. At least three Interstates and two other major roads divide at the southern end of the bridge and they are redoing the lanes, so lots of lanes are temporarily closed. At least Bern wasn't with me. She hates being suspended above water and 35 minutes actually on the bridge would have freaked her out.

I didn't like it much either.

When I think of something else I love about the New Jersey Turnpike I'll let you know.

Don't hold your breath....

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