Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Maybe the most (or second most) dispicable thing

Nothing is worse than the Trump administrations separating kids from their parents into WWII American citizen Japanese style 'jails'--but something that happened the last few days is close.

The World Health Organization is sponsoring a "Nurse Now" campaign to encourage mothers, especially in 3rd world countries, to breast feed their babies.

Beast milk, it is know, gives babies the pro-biotics they need and prevents later allergies.

Breast feeding is simply--by all medical standards--the best thing for a baby.

(Bern breast fed our two kids until they could ask to nurse in complete sentences! And they've been remarkably healthy.)

The US tried to intimidate the country putting forth the proposal by threatening to deny them foreign aid. Probably because the companies who make infant formula--that does none of the positive things breast milk does for infants--gave them lots of campaign funds.

But then, get this, Russia made the proposal and the US backed off it's objections.

No collusion. No Russian connections. Nothing like that.

Oh, Mueller, finish your work soon.

Put post-it notes up all over your house that say "this is not normal' so we don't begin to think what this President is doing is in any way 'normal'.

Not normal at all. None of it.

Lord help us.


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