Thursday, September 26, 2019

First Cousins

Since I'm an only child and Bern's brother and sister never had kids, Josh and Mimi have no first cousins. I find that sad.

I had 19. Some of them were so old when I was born, I never really got to know them. I was the youngest of us all until I was in my teens and Uncle Harvey and Aunt Elsie adopted Denise, who was maybe 5 years younger than me.

But some of them were my best buddies growing up.

The 4 Pugh cousins were always there, as were Bradley and Mejol Perkins. I got to know Greg Bradley when he had a houseful of kids. Jan/Ann the John Michael Jones were close enough in age to interact with me too.

Being the youngest of a clan that large made me the 'pet' or 'little fellow'. Most of it was wonderful, but from time to time--like when Joel made me smell ammonia and I pasted out or when Marlin Pugh gave me two whole packs of Dentine to chew while he told me about 'Antonio, tell us a tale," over and over.

It goes like this: "Three tramps sat around a fire, and one said, 'Antonio, tell us a tale'. And Antonio began--'three tramps sat around a fire, and one said, Antonio, tell us a tale'. And Antonio began...."

On and on until I had two pacts of Dentine in my mouth and my mouth was on fire.

But mostly, they were great to me.

Eleanor McCarthy has three Bradley girl first cousins. All she'll ever have. The Bradley girls have first cousins on the Chen side of the family as well. But for Eleanor (3) it's only Emma and Morgan (13) and Tegan (almost 10).

They will love and adore her like some of my cousins did me because I was so much younger.

Even if Josh and Mimi didn't experience first cousins, their children will.


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