Friday, September 13, 2019

Morgan and Emma

On my screen saver on my computer, there are many pictures of Morgan and Emma as infants. In fact, Bern and Mrs. Chen (Cathy's mother) and I saw them only a few minutes after they were born. The nurse taking them to the nursery knew we were in the waiting room and stopped the elevator on our floor so we could go to the door of the elevator and view our twin granddaughters.

Gasp! Granddaughters!

Tomorrow they turn 13. Teenagers from those newborns.

They are wondrous girls. Josh and Cathy have done a great job. We love them so.

Both of them are almost as tall as me--though where they got that, I have no idea. Josh is about 6 feet tall and I don't know where he got this. Both Bern's and my family were short and so is Cathy's.

But there they are--tall and lovely, moving toward being young women.

"Emma" was Bern's mother's name. Josh and Cathy's almost 10 year old daughter is Tegan Hoyt, My father's middle name was Hoyt.

We love them all so.

I got Bern a framed print last Christmas that say 'I didn't know how much love my heart could hold until someone called me Grandma.'

Any grandparent reading this know how true that is, It jut is.

Children of your own are precious and dear---grandchildren are beyond amazing.

Happy 13th Morgan and Emma...and many, many, many more....

Love you so, so much.

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