Saturday, September 28, 2019

I thought I wrote this before but can't find it

I'm not preaching tomorrow. Erin Flinn, the regional missioner (or what ever they call her) is coming and accepted the pulpit.

It's been odd--not having to think about a sermon. I seldom write them down now, though I did, religiously (hah!) when I was first ordained and for years.

The Episcopal Church has a three year lectionary. The same gospel shows up on it's appointed day every three years. I've been a priest for almost 39 years. I've heard the gospels and preached on them about 13 times. I usually don't write anything down except a few key words or notes. If people tell me they like the sermon I go home and try to type it out, mostly accurately.

I told my Tuesday morning group that one reason I got ordained was so I would go to church.

They were horrified, I think.

But it's true.

I go to church to preach and celebrate the Eucharist.

If I didn't do either, I probably wouldn't go to church.

Ordination made me a church goer. I'm glad for that. Going to church, though fading in our culture, is a good thing.

I'm glad I have for over half my life.

Most of my life I've gone to church--Pilgrim Holiness, Methodist, Episcopalian.

But would I if I weren't ordained?

I'm just not sure.

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