Saturday, September 21, 2019

OK, I've decided

Keep in mind, I will vote for any Democrat--any competent adult--who runs against the President I will not name in this blog.

But I have decided who my dream ticket would be: Warren and Wang. They could even have a poster that said W+W+W...Warren Wang and Winning.

I'm ready for radical change that Warren stands for. And Andrew Wang makes more sense than any of the candidates about what needs to be 'fixed' for America to truly be 'America'.

The President wouldn't know what to do against Warren in debates. He would have jibes and she would have policy.

And I'm not sure the Vice-President would want to debate clear-headed, fact-based, Truth-bearer Wang.

Like I said, I'll vote for any Democrat for President in 2020.

But I've decided Warren and Wang are my choice.

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