Monday, September 16, 2019

I'm addicted to 'hint'

OK, I know I have an addictive personality. I smoke, drink too much Pinot Grigio and thank the Lord in Heaven I never got into drugs.

I remember a party in college where I smoked some dope and sat in a corner, so no one could get behind me, paranoid as I could be.

I also remember driving down High Street in Morgantown, higher than a kite, wondering how many people I would kill.

So, drugs were not for me.

But I am an addictive personality.

And I'm addicted to 'hint'. It's a flavored water with no calories. My favorite is Watermelon, though I can also love green apple, mango and several berry flavors.

I drink two a day--one with lunch and one with dinner.

I was feeling guilty about spending money for water when there is plenty in our tap, until I realized the 'hint' was a sponsor of National Public Radio--the only station I listen to besides the occasional Yankee game. NPR is an addiction as well, I suppose.

Try some 'hint' next time you're in your supermarket. See what you think.

I love it.

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