Sunday, September 29, 2019

I pinch myself

Just to make sure I'm awake, I pinch myself while I listen to news about the President and the Ukraine.

After two and a half years, something finally fell from the tree that looks like the fruit that is needed. No way the Senate will convict, but it is in the interest of the country and our democracy that the House do what they are doing.

Everyone trying to defend the President (my friend Ray calls him President "Tramp" and I call him, He Who Will Not Be Named...HWWNBN, for short--like some character in a Harry Potter novel) is looking a little crazy. Which is what you would expect--how can you not look crazy defending a crazy person?

I don't think the impeachment move will help him--a recent poll found only 17% of Americans were 'surprised' by the latest boondoggle.

But even if it does help him in 2020, it must be done.

Enough is enough.

Such shameful behavior and such total disregard of the Constitution must be put in public view.

But still, I pinch myself.

Something happening at long last.


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