Wednesday, September 25, 2019

The "i" word

Nancy Pelosi finally said the 'i' word--impeachment.

Nancy is, thank heaven, one of the most competent, thoughtful and cautious of politicians and struggles to keep the progressives and moderates in the same boat.

The fear that an impeachment by the House, which won't pass the Senate, would give the President a fine talking point, is a fair one. But after all that has gone on for these 2 1/2 years, enough is finally enough for Nancy.

(If you think this White House isn't incompetent, realize that along with the memo about the President's call to the President of Ukraine, they sent a copy of the President's impeachment 'talking points' and then emailed Congress to please, please not read them!!!)

Who knows where this will go?

37% of Americans favor impeachment, but 57% don't--many of them Democrats afraid it will strengthen the President's base.

But when the Watergate investigation began, even fewer Americans favored that--less than a quarter of all voters. But see what happened after that....

We shall see, we shall see, we shall see.

It's going to get good.

My friend, Ray, sent me a cartoon today of the President reading the headline about impeachment, pulling on his shirt collar and sweating profusely. The tag line was him saying, "Maybe climate change is real. I'm starting too feel the heat!"

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