Wednesday, February 10, 2021

I did not know until now...

I've been watching the House Managers for the impeachment of the former president presenting their case.

I have seen things I did not know until now about how expansive and dangerous the insurrection at the Capitol was.

Footage from security cameras was difficult to watch.

But watch it we must.

140 police officers were wounded and one killed by the rioters.

Not easy to watch.

But watch it we must.

I have been in favor of the impeachment from the beginning, but the House Managers have presented evidence I never imagined.

It is hard to listen to and to watch.

But listen and watch we must.

The extent of the violence is beyond imagining.

But imagine it we must.

We must see the full extent of what the former President incited for weeks leading up to January 6.

Will he be convicted?

Probably not.

But our nation will have watched and listened to things hard to watch and listen to.

And if God is indeed good, we will learn from it and live out of it in a way that will strengthen our nation and preserve our democracy.

And God is Good.... link to my you tube blog 

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