Wednesday, February 3, 2021

So much snow, so much else

I don't remember the last time we had this much snow.

Plus, I had to replace my car battery--but I learned it was the original battery for a 2008 car. The AAA guy was shocked. The new battery only has a replacement for 3 years--partial up to six.

A thirteen year old battery is like the snow....

At least Liz Cheney kept her role in the House Republican Caucus--about the first thing they've done right for several years--maybe since I bought my car in 2008!

No news at this hour about Rep. Green, though the Democrats will act if the Republicans don't. If they approve a Q-anon advocate, there's nothing they won't do to undermine the republic.

Super Bowl on Sunday. I'm for K-C, just because I hate Tom Brady that much.

Biden is doing so much right--but, eventually, he's going to need Republican help. I hope to God enough of them will....

I'm being interviewed for a 1/4 priest job on Saturday. I don't need it, but I miss church and people tell me it would be a perfect fit. We'll see.

I feel guilty that the pandemic hasn't hurt us financially, though it is oppressing so many. The Covid bill MUST  be passed. We shall see....

Much more to say--but need to sleep.

Be back tomorrow. Shalom. link to you tube blog



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