Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Time out

For the time being (and maybe longer) I won't be putting You Tube on line.

Thanks to all who have watched them. You have to be 'reading' until, and if, I'm on You Tube again.

During the pandemic, I've been reading a lot!

Of course, I 'read a lot' before that.

Honestly, except for not going to church in person, Covid 19 hasn't changed my life much.

Novels galore, time on line blogging and playing Hearts, cooking every other night, taking out the trash and re-cycling and Brigit.

I haven't missed much except seeing family and friends in person and up close.

I've missed that so much...

I have an appointment a week from Friday for my first vaccine.

Things will get better, eventually.

Until then, I'll read a lot.

After then, I'll read a lot. 

I read a lot....


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