Friday, February 26, 2021

I have nothing to write about

Maybe the pandemic is finally getting to me.

I have nothing to write.

I feel fine, though I still itch that three doctors so far can't explain--no rash and mostly in bed...I itch.

I am in touch with two friends--Chris and George--from decades ago. They used to call me 'Bomber' and I had forgotten that nickname until Chris tracked me down and emailed me.

I tend to have 'serial relationships'--I leave people behind and find new people. What a joy to hear from these two old friends--both priests--who worked with me in West Virginia.

"Bomber"--I'll have to ask them why they called me that when we zoom.

I'm co-leading a zoom workshop on Forgiveness. We had out first round, with 13 folks--all from Ireland--last Saturday. We'll meet again on March 6 as a group. In between, we're matched up and have to have a conversation with another about whether we'll willing to forgive. Deep Stuff.

I think I mentioned Bern and I have vaccine appointments on March 5. I can't wait!

I'll be doing a virtual service at Trinity, Milton for March 14 and, hopefully, an in person service there for Easter. I may become their part-time priest when things are a bit closer to 'normal'--whatever 'normal' will be for us....

If you haven't watched "Shitt$ Creek" on Netflix, you really. really, really should.

I love it more than anything I've ever seen on TV.

And I have nothing to write about....


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