Thursday, February 18, 2021

Snow and Scoundrals

 More snow today, but not as much as was predicted. So that's bad news and good news.

I'm so fed up with Republicans I can hardly believe it.

Ted Cruz, with his state literally dying from the weird winter storm Texas can't deal with, flew to Cancun for a little fun and sun. His picture on the plane got into the media (of course it did) and he came back the next day saying he was merely flying with his girls and intended to come back the next day. Yet video of his leaving Mexico and arriving in Texas showed him with the largest carry-on suitcase I've ever seen. A back pack would have done if he was planning on staying only one night!

Nikki Haley, who I used to respect for her handling of racial issues as Governor of South Carolina, is blaming the 'media' for the divisions in the Republican Party. That's like blaming the weather reporter for the weather!

The rift in her party is due to the former President (who will not be named here). Mitch McConnell blasted the one WWNBNed after voting to acquit him in the impeachment trial.

Kevin McCarthy, the House Minority leader, flew to Florida to kiss the ring of the former President.

The party is ripped down the middle.

Alas and alack.

My father's Republicans are rolling in their graves.


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