Wednesday, October 9, 2019

More than I can handle--and I want more!

Every hour something new comes out about the inquiry of the House of Representatives into the President's possibly impeachable actions.

It's more than I can handle--and I want more!

The letter today from the Legal Counsel to the President had more wrong things in it than cogent thoughts.

The emails that are coming out, along with text messages, are damning to say the least.

And the President's attitude and behavior is beyond comprehension.

And I want more.

Polls--lots of them--show over 50% of Americans (in some 58%), like me, want more inquiry.

I'm not sure anymore I need an actual impeachment.

I just more of this stuff I can't handle.

Right up to November of 2020. A whole year of reveals.

Then let's vote.

And the nonsense about selling out our allies the Kurds to Turkey has caused a lot of Republicans to pause and think (for a change) about who this guy in the White House really is.

Stuff is shifting like the over-head storage on a bumpy flight.

Bumpier is what I want.

More shifting.

It's all more than I can handle.

And I want more......

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