Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Wait until he gets home

Sauli Niinstio (should be an umlaut over the final 'o' but I can't do it on my keyboard) is the President of Finland, one of the most polite and sophisticated countries in the world.

I can't imagine what he'll say to his folks back home after sitting through an oval office meeting and press conference with the President of the US where He Who Will Not Be Named railed and cursed about Democrats and the impeachment inquiry.

He even said that "Shifty Shiff" (the Congressman from California who is head of the Intelligence Committee) couldn't carry Secretary of State, Mike Pampeo's "jock-strap", though he left out the word 'jock' but asked twice if the reporters understood what he meant.

Such kind of language probably wouldn't be in public in Finland.

Our President is melting down under the pressure of the Ukraine investigation. He is making no sense in many of his statements and outright lying in others.

It is a scary time in our history.

Be Lions, not Mountain Goats.


The Finnish will have a good laugh over this over some good wine.

Alas for us.

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