Tuesday, October 6, 2020

It's getting darker every day

It's getting darker every day.

 And I don't mean it's Autumn and there is less daylight each day from now until late in the year.

What I mean is what's going on in the country and with the president.

Well over a dozen folks have been infected with the virus in and around the White House.

Yet the president, still infected, came back from Walter Reed Hospital and stood on the balcony and took off his mask before entering the residence.

Then today he canceled the negotiations over another pandemic support bill and the stock market (one of the things he has going for him) plummeted. 

He also tweeted that the virus 'shouldn't be feared' and hinted, as in the past, that it's no worse than the flu. Even though we know he said on tape to Bob Woodward 6 months ago that 'it's worse than' the worst flu.

The only light in the darkness is that every day Biden pulls further ahead in the polls.

I can't wait until the Harris-Pence debate tomorrow night. That will put more light on the debacle this administration has become.

There is hope, beloved.

There is hope in the darkness.


(all opinions here are mine and mine alone.)



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