Monday, October 12, 2020

Winter is Coming

 I am a big fan of Game of Thrones--both the books and the TV series.

"Winter is coming," is one of the by-words of both books and TV.

And it is, here in real life.

It's in the mid-40's right now, at 9 p.m.

And it's only October 12.

Winter is coming!

Plus, the President is out on the campaign trail with no social distancing and very few masks.

He says he's 'immune' to Covid, which he might be or not, but the people at his rallies aren't. He continues to put the people who support him most in grave danger while the death toll climbs and most states are showing an uptick in cases and public health officials warn against such gatherings.

I hope winter is coming for this presidency.

I hope Joe will usher in a Spring for our nation.

My hope and my prayer.

(all opinions here are mine and mine alone)



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