Friday, October 2, 2020

I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy,...

I would never wish the President and First Lady to get Covid-19, but now they have.

I pray they recover, I truly do.

But, I'm not surprised. The President has violated every guideline his own experts set for living through the pandemic.

I only worry about how many more around him or at his no-masks, no social distance rallies might be infected.

This virus has no limits--Red or Blue doesn't matter.

It infects minorities and the poor much more, but even the leader of the free world is not immune.

He's now at Walter Reed Hospital. I truly wish him well.

And I also wish this infection convinces more Americans to obey the guidelines and protect themselves and others.

We're not going to get through this until common sense prevails.

Common sense is what we need.

That shouldn't be hard.

But it is.

(All opinions here are mine and mine alone.)



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