Tuesday, October 13, 2020

The rain won't stop

I'm not complaining--CT needs all the rain we can get.

But going to the grocery store was a nightmare--my glasses fogging up from my mask and the rain on the lens. I couldn't see much of anything and there was nothing in my car to clean them. I finally pulled my shirt from under my sweater and at least made it possible to drive.

I hope you're not watching the Supreme Court nominee's hearings on TV.

It's simply an example of how divided this country is. All the Democrats on the committee attack her on the Obama Care and Roe v. Wade and all the Republicans make her look like the second coming of Jesus.

We need to come together--sounds like a Beatles' hit--and be one country.

The current president isn't going to pull that off. Maybe Biden and Harris can.

They are our only hope.

I voted a week ago. If you haven't please do.

Rain is a disruption but our current division is a threat to Democracy.

Be well and stay well.

(All opinions here are mine and mine alone)



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