Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Too Much Too Fast

 It's hard to keep up with the news--too much too fast.

The president taking on Dr. Fauci on a phone call and in rallies.

The president continuing on the unfounded attack on Hunter Biden.

Biden continuing 'drive in' rallies.

Such a disparity between the two campaigns.

"Super Spreader" rallies by the president.

Covid moving into a new wave across the nation.

Investigations into China and Russia over cyber-warfare and interference in our election and society.

Incredible early voting by mail and in early voting.

The Supreme Court appointment moving on when no Covid relief bill is forthcoming.

Astonishing resistance about masks, social distancing and hand washing when all that would save thousands of lives.

Economic woes over the pandemic.

"The Voice" starting on TV (my favorite show).

Wondrous election results in New Zealand.

Brexit hitting skids.

Too much to take in and process.

Give me Joe Biden and a return to calm.

Give me that.

(all opinions here are mine and mine alone)


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