Thursday, October 8, 2020

The vice-presidential debate

 Fact Checkers found that both Harris and Pence got some numbers wrong.

And both evaded questions.

But the biggest lie of the night was Pence saying he and the president 'did not lie about the pandemic to the American people". We know they did.

He also lied that Trump stopped 'all trips from China' early on. Thousands of people avoided the shutdown and came home from China.

Never mind, the virus in NY came from people arriving from Europe.

A pretty even debate except that Pence constantly ignored the time limits on answers, even when the moderator said over and over, 'your time is up'.

Not nearly as chaotic as the first presidential debate, but the Vice-President did exceed the rules of the debate.

Now the president won't agree to a virtual town hall next week, even though he has Covid and, in fact, claims he'll start doing in person rallies!

Alas and alack!

Nothing has changed.

I've already voted, taking my absentee ballot to the town hall and putting it in a ballot box.

Vote as soon as you can--and vote for Joe.

(all opinions here are mine and mine alone)


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