Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Lordy, Lordy....

As my Grandmother, Lina Manona Jones, used to say, "Lordy, Lordy!"

Bern has a bee in her bonnet.

She's cleaned out most of our upstairs rooms, throwing God knows what away.

Now she wants to start on my little office.

I finally agreed, making sure I had time to go through stuff first.

I already threw away a huge trash bag full of stuff.

Today I found photos that were 20 years old and I didn't remember taking.

Also, tomorrow I'll get rid of 20 years of tax stuff I don't need to keep--just the last 4 years.

Lots of books too.

Tomorrow, CD's and Video discs I don't need and don't have anything to play them on.

Then I get to papers and writings and stuff.

Lordy, Lordy, that will be a task!

Going through old stuff makes you wash your hands a lot.

I have to admit, though I don't want to, that Bern was right to want to do this.

I may even get rid of my diplomas and ordination certificate and Phi Beta Kappa certificate all of which are framed and on either side of me as I type this.

Time to let the past go. That's what Bern keeps saying.

Perhaps she's right.

But I love disorder and she wants to make it orderly. 

Lordy, Lordy!!!


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