Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Eight days later

It's been 8 days sice the election and the current president has gone silent except for twitter and has yet to concede that he lost by over 5 million popular votes and a large number of the electoral college.

Granted, Hillary Clinton 'gathered herself' for a day before congratulating the one who beat her.

But in modern history that, until tonight, has been the longest besides Al Gore, whose defeat really was in doubt for some time. But as soon as the election was declared over by the Supreme Court, he conceded.

No one likes to lose.

It's driven in to us all that 'winning' is what we want.

But that just isn't possible for the current president.

The recount in Georgia won't overturn Biden's win.

His court cases have been dismissed, over 10 now, on the day they come before a judge.

Republican officials in all the states--Arizona, Georgia and others--say no vote fraud has happened.

Meanwhile, the Biden folks who need to be briefed on national security and so many other things, have been shut out. The money in the national budget for a transition hasn't been released. Back ground checks on Biden appointees haven't begun.

This is embarrassing and dangerous for our country.

Will some Republicans with some moral fiber and guts confront the current president and make him concede and allow the necessities of the transition to proceed?

Nothing less is not nearly enough....



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