Sunday, November 1, 2020

As I promised

I haven't written much this week, as I promised. And very little of it has been political at all

Two days before the election, with many states reporting that they have had early voting (mail, drop off and in person) that has exceeded all expectations.

Texas has already more ballots in that in all of 2016!

I heard on NPR today that it is possible that on Tuesday we will have the highest percentage of Americans casting ballots (65%) since 1908.

In my mind, that is fitting.

More is at stake this year than in most any other.

Let's make sure they all all counted and they count for something.

I fear the administration will try dirty trick after dirty  trick to withhold ballots.

America must not let that happen.

Democracy depends on every single vote counting.

We're all stressed and worn out by this campaign--we can't let ANY AMERICAN'S VOTE being left out.

We can't .

We mustn't.

We, I pray, will not allow that.

Halloween is supposed to be the 'scary' night.

For now it will be the night of November 3 and every day until all votes are counted.



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