Tuesday, November 17, 2020

It's all over...Now we need the shouting....

 The election is over...over...over....

Now the current president needs to give the President-elect access to the government to make the transition.

Today the current President fired the highest official on elections for saying this was the most secure election in history.

A day or so ago, he fired the head of the Defense Department and has now issued orders to bring troops home that even Republicans don't believe should be withdrawn.

And Biden still doesn't have access to the money in the federal budget for the transition OR any contact with national security brief-ers or with the Covid task force.

Enough is enough.

Aren't there enough Republicans in congress to stand up and say, "concede, Mr. President and let the peaceful transition begin"?

We are all in more danger each day that the in-coming administration is shut out of the insights they need to make a successful transition.

Enough is enough....Really!!!

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