Sunday, November 15, 2020

Give me a break on socialism....

Sen. Perdue, trying to hold on to his Seat in the Senate in Georgia's run-off elections, said, "Georgia is all that is protecting us from socialism."

Republicans have used this 'socialist agenda' as a way to cut their loss in the Senate and snare a few seats in the House.

Give me break on this socialism thing!

Joe Biden is a 'socialist' like I'm a 'right-wing Republican'!!!

I don't fear socialism, by the way. If people ask me where I stand, I answer like Bernie, "a democratic socialist".

A 'democratic socialist' wants to bring a more socialist agenda on health care, immigration, income equality, climate change, housing and a whole raft of other areas by 'democratic means'.

Let the people chose to meet their needs in a more open and left-wing way.

But I, along with Bernie, know that's not going to happen with Biden.

Biden is a moderate and not a danger to shove socialist ideas down America's throat.

So lay off this 'socialist scare tactic'. It's not realistic.

Give me a break!


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