Wednesday, November 4, 2020

What a long strange trip it's been

The Grateful Dead was right, this election (though not over yet) has been a long, strange trip.

I went to bed a little after midnight heart-sick.

I woke at five and went in to watch for a few minutes. The president had already claimed victory, but everyone on all the stations said 'it's just not so'. So I went back to bed and felt better--but not good.

I tried not to watch much in the morning, but by afternoon, so much had changed that I felt hope and energy coming back.

Right now, at 9 p.m. on Tuesday, Biden is only Nevada and Arizona from 270 electoral votes and the presidency. Plus, to my amazement, it's razor thin lead for the president in Georgia of all places.

And as they count the mail-in's in Pennsylvania, the race tightens.

Even North Carolina is saying it will be mid-day or Thursday or even Friday before all is known.

States that waited until election day, in person votes were counted to start on mail-ins and drop-offs, saw things begin to shift.

It's not over yet. But it's closer to over than I ever imagined on Election Day night.

"A long, strange trip," indeed.

 GO JOE!!!



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