Saturday, November 21, 2020

Living in the dark

 The sun sets a little earlier and the sun rises a little later for the next month or so.

We are living in the dark times.

Certainly the pandemic, racing out of control many places, makes us live in the dark.

And the current President's denial of the reality of the election and calling 'fraud' and 'rigged' puts our democracy in a dark place.

Tomorrow is the last Sunday before Advent.

Advent is a time of gathering darkness until, right near the end, the earth begins to tilt toward the sun and the Light of Christmas leads us to lengthening days.

Thanksgiving and Christmas will be very strange this year.

Rightly, the CDC is recommending not traveling.

The celebrations will be dark and lonely.

But the light will be returning as we move to a new year, a new president, a dawning of the trust in science to get us through this virus.

Do not lose hope in the darkness, my brothers and sisters.

The Light is coming.....

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