Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Peace be with you

In the Episcopal Church, we pass the peace each service.

We grip hands and hug and give gentle kisses on the cheek.

It is the highlight of the service.

But it is not possible in this Pandemic.

Many churches are doing zoom church.

I miss it so.

I heard it called on radio, "being touch deprived".

Bern and I touch and hug and kiss and put lots of touch and love on our dog, Brigit.

Churches I have served have extended the peace until everyone greeting everyone.

Easy enough in a congregation of 20-25. But at St. John's in Waterbury, when we had over a hundred, it took some time!

And I miss it so.

So, between you and me, in this virtual world: "The Peace of the Lord be always with you."

This is my virtual hug: (    )


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