Tuesday, June 1, 2021

June has come

The first Spring day in a while. Warm and sunny. Amen.

But the question is, how many more MAGA folks will say totally reprehensible things before the Spring is over?

Gen. Michael Flynn, who was the former President's close advisor for a few days before scandal forced him out, responded to an ex-marine's question at a Q-anon rally by seeming to agree that a military coup to oust President Biden from office would be a good idea.

He's tried, mostly without success, to walk his statement back, but it's on tape for all the world to hear and see.

His former commanding officer called the remarks 'treason'.

Will he be dragged before a military court and lose his $100,000 pension?

One would hope.

And don't get me started on Q-anon!

To them I am a sexual abuser of children and drink their blood.

We need to somehow wipe out this demented movement.

And wipe out treason.

It's June, we need to do good under the sun.


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