Sunday, November 3, 2013

Darker early..."real time"

It got darker sooner today. (That sounds like something Yogi Berra would say....)

The time changed. Bern says we're back on 'real time'--which means it gets darker sooner every day until the Winter Solstice.

Getting an hour back in the middle of the night is like flying from Europe to the US. It's always great to pick up hours. Flying to Ireland each year, losing 5 hours, I feel like crap for a day or so. Coming back, getting back those hours the time zones robbed me of on the way over, I feel great, wondrous, whole.

The time change is always the same--just like that. When we 'Spring forward' it messes up my 'internal clock' something awful. I feel out of sorts for at least a day and aren't hungry when it's time to eat. Just an hour, imagine that, can mess me up. But the "Fall Back" day, which seem to come later each year (this year on All Saints weekend) I feel fine. No interruption, just a burst of minor energy about 10 p.m.

Our creatures are the same. In the Spring the time change makes Bela and Luke (our Puli and Maine Coon Cat) 'off their feed' and confused for a few days. Today, no problem.

The moral to this silly and ultimately insignificant pondering is this, I suppose: take away my time and I'm cranky...give me time I didn't have and I'm fine, grateful even.

Which makes sense (though trite).

I'd love anyone who gave me some hours I didn't think I have....Who wouldn't? So, for me, it's worth it to mess with 'real time' in the Spring for the joy of an extra hour of life in the Fall.

Except then I remember, 'time is relative'. Oh well, I feel better realizing I wasted my time writing this in the knowledge that you wasted some reading it.....

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