Saturday, November 30, 2013

run, don't walk...

I saw the second Hunger Games movie this week. It made me reread "Catching Fire" which I did in about 24 hours, even with granddaughters here!

The movie 'watches' like the book 'reads'--which is downhill all the way at a speed that is just beyond comfortable.

And Jennifer Lawrence, well, what can you say about her?

One thing I can say is this: she is not a 'sex symbol' in any way though she is beautiful and sensual and only 23. What she is is this, a girl women would want to have as a friend and men as well. She is like 'the girl next door' melded into 'the friend you want to have'.

She is a remarkable actress. Probably the best since Merell Streep and a decade younger that when we first met Merell.

Read the book. See the movie. Preferably in that order--but the movie is so faithful to the book it would most likely enhance your enjoyment of the novel as the novel enhances your enjoyment of the movie. Just do it, ok?

(Also saw Frozen with the girls and Josh and Bern. Absolutely 'must see', even if you're an old coot like me. Great animation, profound and wondrous moral, astonishing story. Go see a movie or two soon--my recommends are the two above....)

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