Monday, November 18, 2013

OK, it's just my problem

Because I fooled with the 'schedule' adjustment on my blog--trying to get off of Pacific Standard Time, the blog I wrote first was published before the blog I wrote second.

But wait, I just checked by viewing the blog and that isn't true at all.

What I thought was true 'absolutely' wasn't 'true at all'....

Does that ever happen to you or is it just my problem?

Often I am confronted with something that confounds and contradicts what I thought was True, like REALLY TRUE and find it false as false can be.

In the workshop I help lead from time to time, we make a circle on a piece of newsprint and then carve out about an eight of the circle and call that 'what we know we know'. And you can talk about that endlessly: I know I can do math, I know I can use a computer, I know I can drive a car--AND I KNOW I know that.

Then a second piece of the pie of knowledge--the things I KNOW I DON'T KNOW. Again, about an eight of the circle. And, once more, we can talk endlessly about the things we 'know we don't know'. I don't know how to fly a plane, how to do brain surgery, how to replace a muffler on my car, how to read Sanskrit. On and on I can go about what 'I don't know' and KNOW I don't know it.

The whole rest of the circle we've drawn is the third part of the Knowledge Available in the Universe--and that 3/4 of the circle is what we call "What We DON'T KNOW WE DON'T KNOW."

And it is in that part of the Knowledge Available in the Universe that things like Wonder and Magic and Amazement and Wholeness exists.

It is precisely in 'what we don't know we don't know' that we can find creation and possibility and recreation and astonishment.

Tripping across 'what we don't know we don't know' makes us feel upside down and inside out and totally ALIVE.

You are never more 'alive' than when your well traveled apple cart is turned on its side and you are standing somewhere you've never stood before....or ever imagined standing.

Here's how life shows up, I think: we walk through life noticing things and saying, "I know that" or
"I don't know that" or "I don't know that" or "I know that" and then we trip over something we didn't even see that WE DON'T KNOW WE DON'T KNOW and things open up and shine with a new light and sparkle and glitter and make us anxious and excited and confounded and confused and really, really hair standing up on your arm, butterflies in your stomach, fog in your head ALIVE.

The problem is we are 'thrown' to go unconscious when we meet up with what we don't know we don't know and shrug it off as meaningless. But the truth is this--All the Meaning in Life is there in WHAT WE DON'T KNOW WE DON'T KNOW. That's where the rubber truly meets the road, where things get interesting, where possibilities we never even imagined (couldn't imagine since we didn't know we didn't know them) live and move and have their being.

Being Alive begins when we trip over stuff we didn't know we didn't know.

AWE lives there and only there, my Beloved, along with THE ETERNAL and WHAT REALLY MATTERS.

That's the land we travel through in those places and things 'we didn't know we didn't know....'

That's where I want to dwell most of the time. That's the trip I have in mind. I'd like to meet you there where what we KNOW and DON'T KNOW is confounded, twisted out of shape, made meaningless and we have leaped off the edge into the unknown, trusting we will be caught....or not....

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