Sunday, November 17, 2013

Why I am not only annoying to my wife but am annoyed at

I have noticed from time to time that the 'time' given to my blogs was 3 hours later than I wrote them.

Just today, I noticed that I could 'schedule' my time. So I went on and changed the time to what I said it was. But I also noticed that my computer things I'm on Pacific Standard Time--imagine that, three hours later than what time it is in Connecticut.

So I reset the time but couldn't reset the "Pacific Standard Time" thing cause I couldn't figure our how. So my last post will be posted at 10 something Pacific time which will make it even more off (*I think, if I understand time zones). I put the setting back, so if you get this post before the post about how I annoy my wife by leaving things open....Shit, I can't even figure out what that means, time-wize.....) I learned to type on a manual typewriter (anyone remember those? Before electric typewriters) so I should have to get a license of some sort to be allowed to be on line.

But there isn't one, more the pity.....

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