Monday, November 25, 2013

Monday and Mimi

The Thanksgiving holiday began early when Mimi came from New York on the train at noon today.

We'll have her alone until Josh and the girls arrive tomorrow evening.

Mimi alone is devoutly to be desired. She is so much fun. Bern and Mimi and I watched 'The Voice' together. We talk about it almost weekly since all three of us are huge fans, but watching it with her was a joy.

Bern and Mimi both have almost perfect pitch. She certainly got that gene from Bern! They can tell when someone is flat or sharp and when harmony is off. I actually thank the music gods I can't do that since it never interferes with my enjoying music....I'll be really enjoying someone on the show and I'll see Bern grimace. Sounded fine to me, but not to her. Even when the show is this late into the season--only 8 singers left and they all sound wondrous to me--I saw a grimace or two from the two of them.

Mimi does yoga and even scheduled some classes in Southington while she's here. She told me since she's gotten serious about yoga, her joints crack a lot. "I guess that's good," she said. Though I'm not sure how it is. I guess it has to do with limberness. I'm so stiff nothing of mine ever cracks and if it did it would probably be a compound fracture.

Cathy might not come until Wednesday since her dad is in the hospital in Baltimore. Tim comes Wednesday too, on the train, as Cathy will.

Cathy and the girls will leave Saturday morning. Josh is staying for his 20th high school reunion that night and then will leave Sunday Morning. He'll have to go with Bern to the train in her truck.

I'm not sure when Mimi and Tim will be leaving...(and it just occurred to me that these travel plans are of less than no interest to any of you....Sorry.)

It's just that these are people I love so, so much, I think everyone should care.

I hope you have people you love that much and they're with you this week....

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