Sunday, November 17, 2013

Just a few things that annoy my wife

Since I retired, back 4 years ago, I've been around more at home and have discovered whole new ways to annoy Bern.

*I get a glass from one cabinet and a plate from another and leave both doors open.  (I never leave kitchen drawers open because they have that cool 'push me hard, I slow down and close deal going--but come to think of it the doors have the same who knows why I leave them open.) Just today I emptied the dish washer and had almost every door in the kitchen open. Bern came in and shut them all without looking at me. (I don't know how long I can rely on her good humor about it all.)

*Doors and drawers again. We have a refrigerator with a door and a drawer--which is the freezer compartment on the bottom. When I'm doing something having to do with the refrigerator or freezer--taking something out or putting something in--I leave them open to long for her sensibilities. I just don't see the point in shutting them before I'm totally finished doing what I'm doing. Apparently, she does.

*When I go out on the back porch, I tend to leave the kitchen door open while closing the storm door. If she is in the room, she comes over and shuts the kitchen door a tad harshly.

All of this has to do, on first blush, with me being 'open' to life and adventure and possibility and Bern being 'closed' to such things.

On further analysis, it's probably just that she likes things 'finished' and I don't object in any discernable way that would impact my behavior, having things 'unfinished'.

I suspect she is on the side of the angels in the long run. Things that 'close' should probably be 'closed' to fulfill their ultimate destiny and purpose. Like, 'being closed'.

I also tend to use the bathroom without closing the door--even the one downstairs next to Bern's desk and computer. But let's not even go there....I 'get' that completely.

(More annoying things I do in a few days. They are legion....)

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