Thursday, July 24, 2014

I've missed being here...

By 'here' I mean both being in Cheshire and being under the castor oil tree.

I've been away since Monday--a night in Baltimore with my cousin, Mejol (the only one in the USA!) and two nights in Dunbar, West Virginia with my Aunt Elsie and cousin Denise and 2nd cousin, Lavonza.

I took my laptop so I could blog from there but I have an easy-back-door way to the Castor Oil Tree on my desktop. When I tried to get in on my laptop asked me for my password. I tried three or four and none worked so I had to wait to get back here. I have notes and memories so I'll be writing about WV for a few days.

But not tonight--no matter what time it says I posted this (probably 7:55 pm or so) my blog is on Pacific Standard time for reasons I know not and it's really almost 11 pm and I rode/drove 6 hours with Mejol from Dunbar to Baltimore and rode Amtrac for 5 hours more to New Haven and I'm done in.

Tomorrow I'll tell you my adventures in Appalachia.

(Just one thing--we stopped twice for gas, going and coming, in West Virginia and both places had "West Virginia wine glasses". They were Mason jars with stems....Wish I'd have bought some....)

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