Tuesday, July 15, 2014

One way we're different, Bern and I

(I'm pretty sure it's 'Bern and I' since you would say: 'Bern and I are different in one way.' But 'Bern and me' sounds fine when it's 'one way we're different, Bern and me.' Jeez, I'm the English major and I'm not quite sure!!!)

Anyway, here it is: I play Hearts on the computer and she plays Solitaire. I win 50% of the time in Hearts and she wins 16 or 17 % of the time in Solitaire. So we're different because she likes a challenge and I like to win....

We're actually remarkably different:

1) I'm an extrovert and she's an introvert.

2) I'm messy and she's neat.

3) I follow recipes and she makes food up.

4) I stay up late and she gets up early.

5) She organizes things and I like chaos.

6) She loves to work in the yard and love to sit on the deck.

7) I have a car and she has a truck.

8) I wash small loads of clothes, she washes lots when she washes.

9) She holds grudges and I forget why I should be mad about things.

10) I don't mind washing a half-full dishwasher--she wants it packed.

But in some ways we are alike.

*we are both intuitive types and need lists to get things done.

*we both read a great deal and tend to like most of the same books.

*we both love our children and grandchildren  without boundaries.

*we both enjoy solitude.

*we have similar senses of humor. (only she never got Monty Python....)

September 5, when we're on Oak Island, North Carolina with Mimi and Tim and John and Sherry, we'll celebrate our 44th wedding anniversary. That's 1 year short of 2/3 of my life and  2 years more than 2/3 of her life. Two out of ever three breathes I've taken, two out of three of ever time our hearts have beaten, we've been married.

We're different in lots more ways than I listed--and alike in lots more ways as well.

I'm just pondering  how remarkable that seems to me. To be so different and so alike and to have spent so much time together. There were hard times, for sure, but for the most part...well, for the most part...it's been glorious.

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