Friday, July 18, 2014

Rush Limbaugh is crazier than the world these days....

OK, the Rush-Man, commenting on the Malaysian airliner that crashed or was shot down over Eastern Ukraine, observed that it was suspiciously convenient to distract media attention from what he sees as the impeachable offenses of the Obama administration at just the right time. So the thousands of children at the Texas border and Benghazi and American inaction in Iraq (oh, please, save me from Iraq!) not to mention an executive order making job discrimination against LGBT folks reportable and whatever other heinous offensives our first Black President has committed are being ignored on CNN because of the Malaysian plane. (Malaysian Airlines has had a really bad couple of months....)

The Rush-Man found it all, and I quote, 'a little eerie'.

So, in Limbaugh-land, Putin told the Russian leaning dissidents in Eastern Ukraine to shoot down an airplane so the main-stream media wouldn't be focused on Obama's Right Wing invented problems here in the US....Oh, I get that....

There has to be an eighth realm of hell that Dante didn't know about for people as stupid and vile and vindictive as the Rush-Man. There just has to be...with punishment that would make him want to die for good so much that he would love the President....

That would be justice and righteousness. And not at all 'eerie'.

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