Thursday, July 17, 2014

The world is going crazy

A Malaysian airplane shot down in Ukraine...Israel invading Gaza...Whatever nonsense in Iraq and Syria....Thousands of children at the southern boarder of the US....People are killing Peacocks in California....China's pollution is out of hand....The Congress unable to act on anything at all....People whining about Pope Francis' open-mindedness....Labron going back to Cleveland....the world is going crazy.

It just is. And there is nothing any of us can do to make it be sane again, if it ever was. And perhaps that is the point--the world has always been going crazy, it's just that we hear about it as it's happening now and it makes it crazier and more frightening.

How long did it take folks in the hinterland to know Julius Caesar had been killed? Or that Attila the Hun had overrun Eastern Europe? Or that Lincoln had been assassinated Or that Duke Ferdinand had met the same fate?

My theory is that we know too much too fast.

The world is no crazier than it has always been--we just know how crazy it it as soon as the craziness shows up.

And it makes us anxious. More anxious than we would be if we found out how crazy stuff was a week or month or year after the craziness happened.

At least I hope that's true. Though I don't know for sure. One more thing to ponder about: is the World going crazy or has it always been crazy?

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