Friday, July 11, 2014

Was I ever right this time!!!

Remember how I told Mejol to stop looking for other Mejols? My friend Charles, who not only reads this blog but acts on it, sent me this after reading about Mejol.


Pronunciation unavailable

2,263,075th in the U.S.

Quick facts

Very few
people in the U.S have this name
to be exact
has the most people named Mejol per capita

So, according to "White Pages Names", my cousin is the only Mejol in the country!

I told her and sent it to her and she feels special!

Imagine being the only person named James on the block, much less the town or the county...

I've been afraid to go to the website to check on James or even Gordon, fearing I'll be in the top 10 names for James and the top 40 or so for Gordon.

I've always known Mejol was one of a kind. I've been right all along....

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