Thursday, July 3, 2014

OK, enough sweetness and light...

Ann Coulter.

You know where I'm going with this, right? If not you haven't been paying attention lately.

Ann Coulter (just to type her name annoys me!) went on a rant of Fox News (where else?) about soccer. Her take on the interest of Americans in the World Cup matches shows 'the moral decay' of American culture.

(Let me give you a minute to take that in...if, indeed, it is take-able in-able....)

OK, so here's her argument (such as it is):

1. America's interest in soccer shows that immigration from south of the border is out of control (because, presumably, white people don't like soccer!--nevermind about Europe....)

2. It is too much of a 'team sport' so there are no superstars and America needs superstars. (Nevermind, again, that there are stars in soccer but it is essentially a team sport...and when did playing as a 'team' become un-American? I thought that was the most American thing of all....)

3. It's boring because the scores are so low and American's like lots of scoring. (Never mind that a 1-0 baseball game is a classic and a 7-3 football game, though unusual, is the most exciting kind of game--since when is defense a bad thing.)

So, Soccer would be ok if the scores were like the NBA and there were super stars and white people played it....

Jesus, how stupid is that?

I didn't grow up playing soccer and neither of my kids played either, but lots of their friends did and now practically every kid in the suburbs plays soccer. And certainly every Hispanic kid does.

Ok, I'm getting irrational about this. Just go on line and find her rant and weep for America....

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