Wednesday, July 2, 2014

One last thing I don't appreciate enough


My wife of 43 years.

My life in many ways.

Bern does almost everything. I do these things: take the dog for his morning walk (and on Monday for his walk on the Canal--Bern takes him those other six days) his 'little walk' at 5 or so and his last pee after 10 pm, I clean the litter box for Lukie, I take out the trash and recycling on Tues and bring the bins back on Wednesday, I cook dinner 4 out of every 7 days. Besides doing my own laundry, that's all I do.

Bern does everything else. Cleans the house, mows the lawn with her hand mower, pays the bills every Monday (which is why I do the Canal walk that day), does the laundry for everything but my clothes, cooks dinner at least 3 days a week, manages the garden, keeps everything where it should be.

I could help her with all that but, sadly, I'm not capable of doing any of that as well as she does. It's just the truth. So she does all that.

My life wouldn't work without Bern. Not at all.

And I know that.

So, I should appreciate her more. And I vow to do that. I do.

Who in your life don't you appreciate enough? Not like you  have to tell them, just appreciate them more, that's all. Ponder that, if you will.....

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