Monday, February 9, 2015

could we speak of something more pleasant?

Probably not.

Snow is what we talk about.

We live in a neighborhood or rather private people. We don't tend to socialize but are friendly. We really 'bond' in winter when we're all out moving snow that there is no place to move to anymore.

Bern and I did the walkways to the driveway, Cornwall Avenue and the back deck 4 times today. And an hour later they needed done again. We also swept the deck numerous times and went down to deepen the dog's run in the back yard that we create when the snow gets heavy at least three times. The fun goes roughly in a circle with a circumference of maybe 20 feet with one other circle around a tree and a dead end off to the east of the back steps that goes 6 feet or so and is an encouragement for pooping. Usually there are yellow spots in the run--but not for long today!

About 3:30 I heard the sound I dreaded to hear all day--the sound of snow shovels in the driveway we share with Mark and Naomi. I just wasn't up to taking it on yet. But guilt won out and I went out to help--cleaning our walks again on the way. Zoe and Johanna are two of the three daughters, a 6th grader and a senior in high school respectively. There is also a younger son.

So Zoe and Johanna and I cleared the driveway which was about six inches everywhere and more in some places. It took most of an hour and was not fun.

I took the dog for a walk about two hours later and there was at least a quarter of an inch of snow where we had stripped it away.

When you have as much snow as we have, it is the sole topic of conversation among those moving it and everyone else--though we haven't left the house except to shovel since Sunday afternoon.

Hopefully we'll be able to clean off my car and Bern's truck tomorrow and the roads might be somewhat cleared by afternoon and we can get out. Then all we'll talk about is the expected snow on Thursday and that the high on Sunday will be 7 degrees F.

Well, I shouldn't complain...we do talk about the 'cold' as well....

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