Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Baby Boomers are outnumbered

I heard on NPR tonight (and what 'on NPR' isn't true!) that there are more millennials than Baby Boomers. And here I thought my bell curve was unbeatable! Haven't those of us born after WW II cut a huge swath through the population? Haven't we ruled the roost for decades? Haven't we taken, taken, taken without giving back much for 50 years or so?

The thing about the millennial generation (generation Y; my kids are Gen X) is the limits of it are rather vague. Somewhere between the 80's and the turn of the century. And not only are they the largest generation they are, no surprise, the most diverse American generation ever.

And they've grown up in the digital world. No group is more tuned in and turned on to social media than the Millennials. Which is either good or bad.

On this program one of the 20 somethings said, "we know more about what is going on than anyone ever has. Maybe if, God forbid, we're ever in charge, we might make things better."

The two things that bothered me about that is that the young man was from Utah (the 8th ring of hell in my mind) and that "God forbid" he through into his otherwise hopeful statement.

But maybe he was being ironic since, one day not to far ahead, they WILL be in charge.

Diversity, numbers, irony...maybe there's a chance....

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