Wednesday, February 4, 2015

White on white on white...

I've seen worse snow. A couple of years ago the snow was over my head when we cleared the driveway. But the absolutely, positively worse snow I've ever seen was in the 1980's somewhere--my difficulty in linear time kicks in here...somewhere between 1981 and 1984 when we lived in Charleston, West Virginia and couldn't leave our house for three days.

I let Templom Kerti Paloc Suba, our Puli of the time, who we called "Finney", out the front door of our house and he started down the steps and disappeared from view, under the snow.

I had to go dig him out.

On the third day I walked, somehow, down the road of Hazelwood Avenue to get milk and bread at the 7/11 that was somehow open and had milk and bread.

Our children were 5 and 2 and it was a remarkable thing to be home-bound with them and no way to go outside.

Right now, the snow is everywhere. Yesterday I ran out of places to put it before I ran out of snow.

And more is coming, I hear.

We don't need any more. But if it comes, we will manage. Our current Puli won't disappear into the drifts. Not yet.

It's New England after all. Snow is what defines us.

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