Saturday, February 14, 2015

Welcome to New England

We specialize in winter here....

All three of the little churches I serve with two other 'Sunday only' priests have cancelled services for tomorrow. It is snowing now--a half-inch in the last two hours--and is supposed to snow all night and into tomorrow afternoon.

Another storm--4th in less than a month. And, watching the Local News a while ago, most churches in New England are cancelling for tomorrow...not that people in New England go to church--besides the Pacific Northwest, there is less church goers in New England than anywhere.

And I'm tired of the winter--but there's no where else I'd want to live. We have all four seasons (though this one is getting a tad tedious) and most all the states in New England are 'Blue States'. I want to be among Democrats. That's just the truth.

I was a bit anxious about the church closings. Back in 1978 (I think it was) the then Governor of West Virginia, Jay Rockefeller, went on TV to tell the citizens of that then "Blue State", now, nasty Red, that the storm of the century, or the millennium, was coming.

People raided grocery stores for hours...nothing was left...and no snow fell. The storm jumped West Virginia and did great damage further north.

We all felt a little embarrassed and a bit deceived. But WV as Blue enough then to send Rockefeller to the Senate for over a decade in spite of his over-reaction.

But it is snowing now and weather prediction has increased exponentially in 35 years, so they probably did what was right and safe.

And in New England, 'right' and 'safe' are the by-words. Really.

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